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Biodynamic Green Haus is an industrial hemp cloning/propagation facility in Indiana and a daughter company of Biodynamic Ventures LLC.  Our proprietary hemp genetics come from our Colorado operations where our plants are grown organically by our Master Growers.  On March 13, 2019, we imported the largest shipment of organic mother hemp plants since 1937 into Indiana to propagate clones for farmers across the US.  With over 100 years of collective experience in hemp cultivation, real estate development, pharmaceutical testing and diagnostics, our principals have assembled a team to successfully carry-out the first large scale, commercialized hemp propagation facility in Indiana.


Our parent company, Biodynamic Ventures (BDV), have chosen to invest in Indiana, based on SB 516, which ensures quality control measures to protect farmers, and professionalizes the re-emerging billion-dollar hemp industry. We anticipate delivering approximately 1 million clones by 2019 planting season.  These clones will be grown to maturity and harvested by farmers in five states.  The biomass will be purchased back by a division of BDV, Biodynamic Extract, for processing into Indiana produced CBD oil products.  We are a company focused on the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and superior quality with zero waste for the betterment of the hemp industry.  

Biodynamic Green Haus offers premium hemp clones to farmers from our high-CBD cherry strain mothers. Our strains include Cherry Uno and Cherry Sweet, which are capable of yielding 10-18% CBD and produce low levels of psychoactive substances (0.3% THC). THC potency % depends on harvest time - always conduct potency tests.

Cherry Uno

High-CBD, low THC

CBD 10 - 18%    THC 0.3%*

* THC potency % depends on harvest time - always conduct potency tests

High-CBD, low THC

CBD 11 - 18%    THC 0.3%*

Stout bushy stature with consistent flowering

Fruity Nose, Rich Woodsy Aroma

Harvest: Late September / Early October

* THC potency % depends on harvest time - always conduct potency tests

Cherry #5


Our Team

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Willy Gardiner designs state of the art cannabis gardens using innovative technology and techniques yielding substantial increase in quality and volume of plant yield. He has worked with numerous parties developing strategies and garden layout to achieve high plant production.  Willy has to developed state of the art cannabis facilities with major brands in the cannabis industry and have utilized his expertise in design and build-out of their facilities.

His garden designs incorporate innovative bio-resistant coatings for floors and walls, bi-polar ionization for odor abatement and improved air quality, advanced water treatment techniques greatly reducing the amount of wastewater discharged to city sewer systems, and maximization of useable square footage with rolling benches. The incorporation of Willy’s specialized techniques, design expertise and use of recently developed cutting-edge nutrients has resulted in significant reduction in operating cost, increased plant yield and superior quality.

Cannabis Consultant

William Gardiner

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